Found some (to me) unknown german codes

while catalogizing my parabellum boxes i found this following two (partly unreadable) printings of powder manufacturers…

first …

second …

i am not able to decode them, trying to get an answer in John Walters book, i failed, no codes with “hs?” available for propellant manufacturers
can you help ???

thx in advance and regards from Austria
wolfganggo …


The first one could be rtl (Dynamit AG, Werk Rottweil).
I’ve never seen the second one, but I think hs could be Hasloch. Other abbreviations used by Hasloch are: Hasl, hasl, Hsl, has, Hasloch and Rdf/169.

Some powder manufacturers used several different abbreviations, sometimes with minor differences as you can see above.
But maybe somebody knows more…


kurt, thx

Some examples from “Hasloch” Kurt mentioned.


On the bottom box in Dutch’ picture there is a star between Patrh: P.131 and 5. Lief. 39. Anybody now what that star means?
Nice variations on the Hasloch-theme :-)
That box is another example of confusing the codes with the user of them; Guess who P131 is…?

I guess someone observed that brass rifle cases (S*) have a star and thought brass pistol cases should be given similar treatment.

The code matter P131 versus DWM for the primers is more subtle: P131 is DWM Berlin, while the primers came from another factory: Grötzingen (DWM Karlsruhe).

“S” and S* are two of the German 7,9 Case Design/Material indicators; probably the same applies to the 9mm case (only *, as the “S” refers to the 7,9mm case.)

Doc AV

regarding the “star” at the headstamp …

let’s have a look at sturgees “pistole parabellum” page 1788:
sturgees described at this page the star- background story, a little bit hard to read for me, maybe based my poor english not 100% clearly to understand.

so taking out “von der patrone 88 zur patrone s” i found on pages 77 and 109 following “facts”

– about 1915-1917 german ammunition manufacterers changed the copper content of their brass vom 72 to 67 percent copper.
these ammunition was marked at the headstamp with an “S67”,

–about 1926 they changed back to the more storageable 72% copper content, these ammunition gets the star at the headstamp

so this is my knowledge of the star headstamping
regards from Austria