'FR' marked stripper clips

I have three stripper clips all of which are marked ‘FR’ in an oval cartouche. These are most likely made by Fabrica do Realengo in Brazil.

All three look to be typical 7mm Mauser two lug per side clips however only one of them will fit a 7mm cartridge. The other two differ only by the angle of the ‘recurved’ cartridge retention flanges and by slightly different sidewall heights.

Does anyone know what other military calibres ‘FR’ made?


They could be for .30/06, which Brazil used a lot of from the late 1940s, and produced several Mauser conversions (M1908 Actions etc, but in .30/06…M1908/34–.30 and Mqe 54;
The .30/06 and 7mm clips both fit the same charger guide size,(same overall width) but the rim-holding recurve on the clip is different for 7mm and 30 cal.

(just like shell holders for .30/06 are #3, and 7mm are #11 (RCBS codes))

Doc AV
AV Ballistics.

I second Doc’s comments about the shell holder comparison and have another possibility to suggest: the 6.5m/m Vergueiro rifle, some of which were procured early in the twentieth century for, I believe, police use in Brazil. I don’t know that the Vergueiro clip differed dimensionally from the 7m/m but it does seem worth considering. JG


If your clips are a little bigger than the 6,5mm Vergueiro and 8mm Mauser ones, it could be for the 6,5x55mm Swedish Mauser.
I have one in my collection with the

When I tried a 30-06 case in one of the clips it fitted like a glove, many thanks for the suggestion.

The other is proving a bit more recalcitrant but if a picture is worth a thousand words perhaps my sketch might stand in for a dozen or so. The dimension from the base of the flanges to the top of the spring (corresponding the the thickness of the rim) is 1.5mm. This being the largest drill shank that will pass unobstructed between the depressed spring and the flange.

The clip is nearly identical to the 7mm version but a case binds on the flange at the points marked ‘*’ to the point of not completely entering the clip.