FRANCE and the SS marked 7.9 shells

SS marked shells have been reported in France at a training base. Also French dealers had been reported as having these items for sale. If I recall correctly, one of my loaded SS ball rounds also came from France.

The French had an SS unit and there were German SS units there. Does anyone have information about the location of the SS ammo in France and the folks who found them ?

I found one case mix with a lot of other cases, in a training zone, all pre war Hstps (from 1933 to 1938) and no more than two cases with the same lot number, all fired from a MG, and most of them with the green annulus of the sS. Near Bordeaux.

Here we can found all variety of 7,92 nationalities used by German’s forces ( even from the Spain civil war) and all variety of caliber from the weapons they captured all over Europe and used for the defense of the Atlantikwall.

An other interesting one found in the same place:

Do you know if this was a German or French camp ?

some ss ammo is found in france coming from Normandy

Not a camp, a German training zone.

domi, nice head stamp. It was made by Metallwerk Wolfenbüttel G.m.b.H., (Polte)

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i’ll send you a mail in the week for a new lot number.

It is not SS related but an other one interesting (for me):

Found 2 in Médoc (training and fighting zone).

[quote=“domi”]Hi Dutch,
i’ll send you a mail in the week for a new lot number.
Found 2 in Médoc (training and fighting zone).[/quote]

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“I38A” is Greek. It has been found in mint boxes mixed in with mostly normal 1938 Greed headstamps by both Dr. Regenstreif and I.

This is a funny story…

In the late 1960ies, I found a big lot of mixed fired cases in 7,92x57 and also mixed with 7,65x54 (belgian) in the sand, behind old concrete pillboxes, on the beach of Cap Breton, southern French Atlantic coastline.
I remember that I came back with several kilos of brass… don’t remember what became of it (amidst was an SS TV case, the first one I ever saw at this time…I was just a beginning collector!)…

From the sayings of old local dwellers, this area had been widely used as training ranges all along the German occupation, by a number of Wehrmacht units, including Osttrüppen…

I was never there afterwards, but I supose that , after high tides, like they have usually in late september, for instance, somme are still washed on the sand and to be found there…


When I read “case” I nearly has an anxiety attack.

I guess you meant cartridge case rather than a case of SS ammo.

Many of us would love to see a case or box with markings !