Frangible Cutaways


Three different kinds , Lancer Frangible in .45acp hp and .223 boattail (had 2 of these and the second was not boattailed). Middle two are from Delta Frangible in 9mm and .357sig. The right one in from Federal with a round nose.


Fantastic cutaways as usual, thank you for posting these!


Somebody tell us about “Lancer Frangible .45 HP.” Firstly, who are they? Secondly, what headstamp is on the round? Thirdly, does the “HP” in this case mean “hollow point” or is it referring to the “.45 Hirtenberger Patronenfabriken” cartridge with shorter case than .45 ACP?


I also have not heard of Lancer. I have to wonder what the purpose of a nose cavity in a frangible bullet is, except to make it a little lighter.


I think you are thinking of “Lancer Custom Ammunition” which loaded these frangible bullets for Accutec USA. It was talked about in this thread:

It looks like Accutec’s website still shows this kind of ammo, but it hasn’t been updated since 2008 and it seems that they are just looking to license the production to somebody:


HS: * - * 45 AUTO + P,Copper Pr.(STARLINE Brass ? ) “Mfg by LANCER Custom Ammunition Inc. Raleigh N.C.27614”, 20 Rds.per box (In black plastic tray) end flap marked:
45 ACP
133 Gr. R 2 x 2

  • = 5 pointed star
    Front of box marked like DK shows less data on end flap
    LANCER use to be at all of the local (N.C.) Gun shows,but do not remember seeing them in the past few years,understand ARMOR AMMO. of Dunn N.C. bought them out,and ARMOR AMMO closed about 6 months ago.
    Can’t scan the box or HS:,sorry


Thank you Sgt. Major! That’s good information for my files. I did not remember the tie-in with
Accutec USA, although I should have, as I got some of the first rounds they ever boxed, along with the box, at a SHOT Show courtesy of a friend. I got some .45 and I think 9 mm - haven’t looked lately - but they are a gray-color bullet, not the copper color of most Frangibles.

I don’t believe they ever had their own headstamps, so probably they can be found in about any American brass cases.

Later on, I will have to check my boxes to see if Lancer is mentioned on them at all.


After writing my last entry, I had pangs of conscience since I am aware that my memory is slipping somewhat, probably due as much to the volume of information available to me here at home, thru my library and my box collection, as much as to old age. I decided to look into the Accutec/Lancer situation more thoroughly right away, and found my last answer was very incompletel

While all four boxes for Accutec Ammunition I have indicate manufacture by Lancer Custom Ammunition, Inc., of Raleigh, NC, Accutec itself was, at least until 2008, my last-dated information on the subject, located at 1112 Jensen Drive, Suite 212, Virginia Beach, VA 23451, under the name Genesis GRP, LLC dba Accutek USA. They were at the same address in 2003, according to their on-line catalog for that year, as well as an article From “Guns & Weapons for Law Enforcemen,” pages 16-17, and 77, by Chuck Taylor. Unfortunately, the article was part of the on-line information and the date of the magazine is not given. I would think it would be from the same year, 2003, however. The only personality I can attach to the Accutec Ammunition company appears to be their Technical Director, Brent Delorier. His name is on a report of a Penetration Text and Accuracy Comparison for Training Frangilbe Ammunition, dated
December 15, 2003, as “Technical Directorate.” The company name does not appear on the copy of the report I have, and the phone number is different from the one shown in their catalog, but the area code (757) is the same, and I am assuming this test IS from Accutec.

Accutec evidently was producing the projectiles and Lancer was loading them. I was correct that my .45 round and one of my 9 mm rounds has a gray-color bullet, but I also have a 9 mm Para with a copper-colored bullet, contrary to what I implied in my answer to Sgt. Major Wells in this thread.

The Gray bullets, of “heavy-weight composition” were designed to give the same weights as lead-core ammunition, were offered in calibers .380, 9 mm, .40 S&W, .45 ACP, .357 SIG, .38 Special/.357 Magnum, 5.56 mm/.223, 7.62 x 39 and 7.62 mm/.308 (presumably 7.62 Nato diameter, which would be loadable into .30-06 and some other calibers, of course).

The copper-color bullets, standard frangible-type materials, were available in the same calibers plus the .50 BMG.

My four boxes are for the following:

9 mm 124 grain RRLP, Index number P9LP-A1, and have the gray bullet and are loaded in Starline 9 mm Luger cases with brass-cupped primers.

9 mm 80 grain R2X2, Index Number P9X2-A1. Exept for the copper colored-bullet, other case and primer information is the same as above.

.45 Auto 230 grain JHP Frangible (no index number given). Gray-colored bullet, Starline 45 AUTO brass case, and brass primer cup.

.45 Auto 133 grain R2X2, Index number R45F-X1. No cartridge specimen.

All of the bullets above have a very large hollow point. The first-listed .45 was among prototype samples given to a major manufacturer and may account for the lack of an Index (Product) number on the box label.

This pretty-well summarizes all the information I have on hand. Hope it is of some interest and use to some of our Forum members.


Talked to former owner of “ARMOR AMMO” this weekend. Armor Ammo did not buy Lancer out,they (Armor) just used the same building Lancer had used at one time.