Frankford Arsenal .30-06 dummy identification

Hello, first time poster.

I was curious about these .30-06 dummy rounds I have. I read the guide on this website but I’m mainly interested in where I could look to find any information regarding the rarity and/or value of them.

These are all very common 50cent cartridges. Most of what you see are not in as nice condition as yours, but it does not really affect the value much.

So I should just stick them back in my “Misc” ammo can?

Well, yes, as far as value. But you do have a nice selection of headstamps. Frankford Arsenal used reclaimed brass to make these dummies, so the headstamp has no meaning as to date.

Maybe a silly question, but the primers are just cups right?

No ignition compound in them or anything?

I would imagine they’re just like most other dummy rounds and that you are 100% correct in your guess. Usually just a soft cup. Had there been priming material in the round, it could case the projectile to get stuck in the barrel.


While the set of .30-06 dummy rounds you show are not rare and have a low monetary value, none the less you have some nice clean examples and well worth keeping if you are interested in military cartridges. Note that the dummy round with the headstamp " FA 38NM " is a recycled Frankford Arsenal 1938 National Match casing.

Collecting .30-06 dummy cartridges can be subcategory all to itself with lots of variations, see: viewtopic.php?f=8&t=15016