Frankford Arsenal cal .30 Ball

Just aquired some ammo from a friend. An old Frankford Arsenal wooden box with about 600 rounds of various boxes of .30M1 ball ammo inside. The question I have is about a certain bandoleer of Springfield clips. The bandoleer reads as follows, 60 Ball Cartridges, Cal .30 Model 1906 (not sure of the 1906 part) or 1903 Rifle, Manufactured at Frankford Arsenal Mar 18, 1909, Pyrocellulose, (next line not readable)Lot No.201, (next line not readable) Muzzle Velocity 2700 Feet Per Second. Two pouches are opened, one is missing the ammo from it, the other has .30M1 ball ammo in it with head stamp of FA 11 09. The balance of pouches are unopened. The bullets in the opened pouch appear to be nickel plated. What do I have here and what is it’s worth?

Belly Shooter–What you have there is a good find. The early .30-06, assuming they are not corroded, with the “F A 11 09” style of headstamp are worth $2-$3 each depending on the exact headstamp. The bullets are not nickel plated, they are cupro-nickel. The line you was not sure of does read “Cal .30 Model 1906 for Model 1903 Rifle”

One thing you DO NOT want to do with them is shoot them. The early smokeless powders have a tendency to turn to a green slime inside the case plus the primers are VERY corrosive.


What Ron said. But don’t get the idea that you’ve hit the lottery. I doubt if you’ll sell 600 rounds at 2 to 3 bucks per each. Unless you have a lot of time and/or find a buyer with a lot of $$$.



Thanks for the information on the ammo. As for the 600 rounds, it’s not all FA 1909. That was just one bandoleer. The balance of the ammo is Frankford Arsenal .30M1 in clips, (15) some unbroken cartons. Frankford Arsenal 30M1 1935 National Matches, (10) unbroken cartons. The balance is .45 M1911 FA 28, FA 32. If you have any input on this, please comment.
Thanks, Justin Fiddyment.

Justen–I assume you mean by “cartons” 20 round boxes. If these are sealed, do not open them. They are worth more as unopened boxes than the 20 individual cartridges.
Your still not going to get rich, but a full box might bring $20-$25 while the later date cartridges are worth 75 cents to a $1.00 each.