Frankford Arsenal studies of German 7,92x57 (drawings)

In the Leeds archives there exist a number of short monograph studies of foreign ammunition, the largest number being of captured German 7,92x57 cartridges of various types.

From Report No. T1780 (cartridges carried headstamp P249 39 5*)

From report No. T1781 (cartridges carried headstamp P120 37 40 S*)

From report No. R330


Peter, great find! Thanks a lot for sharing!


Great drawings, thanks for posting!


Thank you for posting the drawings. You have to wonder if they knew the filler was White Phosphorous,and did they section the bullet under mineral oil? When we had 5"/54 White Phosphorous projectiles in my magazine,we hand a powder tank filled full of Copper Sulfate to place a “smoking” projectile into it so it would not burn down to the explosive filler and set it off.

Thank you Peter.


Right up my alley! I have some French studies of various and sundry that I pulled off the Internet.

Here’s another drawing that I missed first time around.

From report No. &.1795 (cartridges carried headstamp P413 38 11 S*)


Excellent prints. Thanks for sharing with us. -Ger