Frankford Arsenal unmarked

My Uncle worked at the Arsenal. I just came across these and would like to know if anyone has any info on them.
There’s no markings on them.
The smaller shell is very light.

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the blank 30 carbine is from holland (NWM manufacturer) not USA


Alu blank unmarked? Very nice!

Is that rare?

unfortunely no
i can get one for less than 5$

“MAKETA” is a borrowed term from the French " MAQUETE" meaning " Made up, replica, representation, model, etc.
“Maquete” in modern Cinema use
Means " Make-up" Department.

So by derivation, “Maketa” (Czech)
Means " Made-up, not real, replica, copy, etc"
Doc AV

The Czechs took it from the Russian “MAKET” and added an “a” (likely because of a mixup with the own language) as it is used on dummy ammunition and marketed it this way as this is what most people want to hear/see from WAPA or Soviet ammo.

The lingual roots of the term of course are the same for the Russian wording.

Howdy Doc
For the life of me i can’t see what your above MAKETA post has to do with this post.

Am I missing something?

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Kmpins, the right example is a 30 Light Rifle with a 49mm? graphited aluminum case. You don’t show the base but it probably has a steel reinforced primer pocket and a nickel primer cup?
Think the case was made by Remington but loaded & tested at FA.

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As French is my second language, it should be -maquette- of course. :upside_down_face:


& the length of the case?
Is it magnetic?

with the picture the case look 51.5mm
and no magnetic
i had similar round in the past

It’s not magnetic.

Yours had a primer pocket like he shows that wasn’t magnetic?

“you don’t show the base but it probably has a steel reinforced primer pocket and a nickel primer cup?”

The primer pocket? & the length of the case?

oups i think it is the case is no magnetic
on my round the primer pocket is magnetic and it same construction

Ok now we need to know the length of the case.

His photo shows what looks to be the sharper shoulder of the 49mm but to be sure we need a measurement.

Here are the 49 mm case and the 51 (upper) both with the Remington primer pocket. However the 51mm is headstamped and Kmpins states his is unheadstamped. Unless I missed something all the aluminum except for the tiny primer types are headstamped with Winchester codes, FA, RA, or Harvey Aluminum.

PS sorry ammogun I worded my question poorly