Frankfort Arsenal 5.56 (pre-NATO) M196 Tracer

5.56 Collectors! For sale: An early lot of 5.56 (pre-NATO) M196 Tracer rounds from Frankfort Arsenal !

Frankfort Arsenal production ammunition (any caliber) is highly sought after by collectors, more so than the other Army ammunition plants. Those for sale here are not only of FA production, but are an early lot from a project to improve bullet jackets of the M196 and reduce the, then common, projectile burst problem. (circa 1971 and before caliber NATO standardization)

The ammunition is boxed in tan cardboard boxes, with black ink printing, typical for the caliber, 20 rounds/box. There were 42 such boxes in the can.

These boxed cartridges came from the original, Olive Drab, M2A1 (“50 cal sized”) ammo can with yellow stenciling. Markings were “820 Cartridges 5.56 MM Tracer M196 Cartons Lot FA-1-1A.” The can lid had the square rectangular block of yellow paint designating boxed ammunition, but also a curious marking in yellow DIRECTLY on the can handle “FA 1-1A.”

The pristine condition cartridges are red tipped, gilding metal jacketed, with brass primer cup, percussion primed, a red primer sealant and a ring primer crimp. Headstamp on the brass case is FA 69.

Pricing is $25 for a “set” which includes a full, original box of 20 rounds, with one loose cartridge specimen. Shipping is $13.95/set, UPS ground. Additional “sets” are available for an additional $25 each, but with no additional shipping, if multiple sets are ordered together. (i.e. Order 1 set or 10 and pay only $13.95 for the shipping, regardless.) Quantities are EXTREMELY limited.

Own a piece of history ! Closed since 1977, FA-produced ammunition is getting scarcer all the time !

Sales are limited to the lower 48 US states (no sales overseas or to Alaska or Hawaii). Tracer ammunition must be legal to own in your home jurisdiction. (i.e. no sales to California, Massachusetts, New York City, etc.)

Orders must include payment as USPS Money Order (only) and include a copy of your driver’s license and a signed waiver that you are not prohibited from purchasing this ammunition; you are over 21 years of age and a US citizen.

Ammunition is sold for collecting purposes only, no warrantee/suitability for firing. Photos are available on request. Email: