Fraser's Ratchet Bullet

Can someone explain to me (or post a photo) what a “Fraser’s Ratchet Bullet” is and what it looks like. Thanks

WOW! I’m super curious what that is also.

The article “Daniel Fraser’s Oblique Ratchet Bullet,” appears in the Australian Cartridge Collectors Association Journal # 65 p 20. Could this be related? I don’t have the article, but I found a reference to it via a Google search.


Yes, Daniel Fraser is the guy who invented this bullet for his “Velox” rifle. The bullets, all in English calibers, have 6-8 diagonal cuts in the bullet jacket to give maximum mushrooming effect. The cartridges were loaded by Eley using his bullets. They were availble in most of the popular African calibers.

Here is a picture from Datig’s book “Cartridges for Collectors” Vol. 1.

There is quite an assortment of interesting bullets that add to the appeal of collecting British cartridges. Here’s a picture that shows one of Fraser’s ratchet bullets loaded in a .400/360-2 3/4" Nitro Express on the left, followed by a split jacket bullet (.400/360-2 3/4" Nitro Express), a Wesley Richards L.T. capped bullet (.375-2 1/2" Flanged Nitro Express), a copper tubed, paper patched lead ‘express’ bullet (.500/.450 No. 1 Express 2 3/4"), and a wood pegged, paper patched lead bullet (.360 Miniature Express).