Frederiksvaerks Crown Logo's

May be of interest to some, the variations of the Crown logo found on three cases I picked up as part of a batch experimental/test cartridges I picked up a few months back (these were the only three in the batch for this maker) so I was a bit surprised to see three different versions of the logo (but this could be the reason they were there!).

First is on a plain orange tube with short brass;

Second is also a plain orange tube with short brass

Shame the outer ring of the primer cup has stress fractured off and is missing.

Third is a plain pale red tube with short brass

(Slightly blurred the picture, sorry about that).

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Hærens Krudtværk - the compagny behind this shotshell had a production for more than 40 yaers, and they never produced any shells by them self, all were imported from different factories in Europe. Hærens Krudtværk was a powder producer for the danish armed forces, and the shotshells was a small business for them.

Thanks Lars,

I was not 100% sure that the cartridges were not made by them, you have confirmed that for me.
Jim also emailed me with some more variations of the “crown” on head stamps, I didn’t realise there were so many styles.