Free cartridge meeting/swap event in NH

Below is a copy of an email that I just sent to all New England collectors with listed emails. Also wanted to post here to gauge interest:

Greetings fellow cartridge collectors,

My name is Matt Collins, and I am emailing you from Bangor, Maine on behalf of myself and fellow IAA member Dave Kuchta. Dave had recently raised the idea of having some sort of cartridge meeting or swap event in the New England area to reach out to collectors who are often too far from the nearest listed shows to attend. We looked around and did manage to find a potential location in Manchester, NH ( where a large indoor shooting range with a general purpose room and large lobby has tentatively agreed to host such a gathering (multiple free table set up). We do however need to gauge interest and see how many might be able to attend. This event would be sometime in November (before Thanksgiving) and would be a one-day event, probably on a Saturday or Sunday.

Please, if you are interested, respond to me directly by email and let me know only if any days would not work for you in November due to prior obligations. This way I can whittle down to a most compatible day where the most people interested might be able to attend. I also need to reply to the shooting range and let them know about the numbers and also how many might be interested in actually shooting, if any. The range had indicated that depending on the level of shooting interest that the facility usage might be free, so this could be the start of something great if enough people are interested. I have emailed everyone in the IAA directory in ME, NH, VT, MA, CT, and RI who has a listed email, and I will also have to send typed letters to about 10 collectors who have no listed email. Please let anyone you know who might be interested and let me know if they might come. I will also post this proposal in the IAA website forum.

Thanks to all!

Matt & Dave

Great idea!
Make sure to post the date when you have it. I might try to schedule a “visit to my parents” up in MA that weekend.

If time you should also ask Chris to list it in the Shows section of the journal, with both of your contact info as you don’t have a date. Lots of prospective visitors don’t use e-mail, but do read the Journal.