FREE CATALOGS-Remington, Peters & Western

Roger Hugel and I have finally made a decision of what to do with all the Remington, Peters and Western (and other companies to come) catalogs we have gathered. They are all available, ABSOLUTLY FREE, as Cover-to Cover scans in PDF format. They are a combination of Retail Catalogs (Catalogs with illustrations of the cartridges), Retail Price Lists (Just a list of the various loads), Dealer Price Lists, Wholesale Price Lists, Distributor Price Lists, Export Price Lists, Law Enforcement Price Lists, etc.

Go to:

Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on the company wanted. That will bring up an Index of all the catalogs we have available for that company. Select the catalog you want and it will download to your computer. Be patient. Some of these catalogs are 30-50 Mb and may, depending on your connection speed, take several minutes to download.You do need either the FREE Adobe Acrobat Reader (Link available on our website) or Adobe Acrobat to view the catalogs. If you want to keep it, click on “Save As” in Adobe and save it to your hard drive.

Thank you to everybody who have contributed to our files. Our purpose is to preserve these catalogs for future collectors before they all disappear in Floods, Tornadoes, Fires, or just plain old age, not to make money selling them.

[color=#FF0000]PLEASE[/color], if you have any catalogs not listed, contact me so we can make arrangements to add yours to the collection.


Thank you very much for this most generous contribution to our hobby.


That is so cool of you both, Ron! Incredibly generous.


Ron and Roger, thank you very much for sharing this. This is an amazing job and one of the greatest contributions to cartridge research I’ve ever seen. THANK YOU.

Very nice !! TY

Thank you very much Ron!!!
I owe you an old catalog, I will try to send it soon.

Keep an eye on this website. We will be adding more companies as time goes by and there’s other interesting things on the site. I’m tying to get the forum to grow so check that out also when you have time. There’s some interesting box photos on it. Feel free to add some of your own and to comment on the topics. There’s a link to the form on every web page at the top, or just click on this link:

Ron and I have decided to try to preserve everything that we can for future generations of collectors. It will become sort of a visual museum. If there’s anything that you want to add to the site, or would like to see on the site, just contact Ron or I and we’ll see what we can do. Although these catalogs have all types of ammunitions, and even guns, please remember that the primary goal of the website is .22 rim fire box collecting. If you have any “How-to” articles concerning this subject please send them to me and I’ll create a page for it if it is appropriate material.

In just a brief scan of some of the materials I am amazed at the treasure trove of information that is available now, especially to shotshell collectors, with just a few clicks of a computer mouse! I can only imagine the amount of time and expense that Ron and Roger must have put into this and it is a testiment to the character of cartridge collectors that they have so graciously done this for free! Many thanks to Ron, Roger and the many that helped put this project together!

Shotmeister–No, you can’t imagine the time and effort it has taken over the last 5 years to scan all these catalogs. It has been literally 1000’s of hours. Roger and I briefly considered selling DVD’s, but soon realized that even at 50 cents an hour for our labor that we would have to charge $1000 a copy and sell 5000 copies just to break even. Since that wasn’t going to happen and that we would NEVER make a profit anyway, we decided the next best thing was to give it away!! At least this way we don’t add to the time by needing to burn DVD’s and mail them out.

So, we hope people enjoy the website. And, like Roger said above, there is a whole lot more at the website than just catalogs. Explore it. Check back often as new stuff is added almost daily.

I’ve found a lot of interesting things in these catalogues
Many were new to me.
thanks a lot

We’ve added our UMC catalogs to the collection online.

Thank you so much! Your generosity and dedication to the hobby are noteworthy. Bravo Zulu!

Wonderful good work!
The time and dedication that you have donated to the hobby is most gratefully appreciated!

The only thing that could top this iwould be if John Moss’s voluminous and well organized files could be digitized as well!

Well, if you want to do it we’ll see if we can get it online:)

Ron and Roger,

I am impressed with your what you have accomplished, and even more impressed wiht your willingness to share all this.

Nobody is in this hobby to make our fortune. I started the little GIG Concepts publishing to get some things out in print that would otherwise never see the light of day, and also to offer steep discounts to IAA members as an incentive to people to join the IAA. As I buy color printer cartridges, transfer cartridges, paper, covers, etc., my wife has been know to question whether I make any money or not. The fact is, I don’t even break even on the printing costs.

So, except for the IAA membership discounts, it makes more sense to just follow your example. I have put up my RWS catalogs on my website and will follow with DWM and Geco catalogs, and eventually others. I will add to these as people send me more material. At least the ones I have will be available.

Cheers and thanks for setting such a good example for all of us.