Free download of the book "Constructions of cartridges"

Dear forum members,

I inform you that all forum members can download an electronic version of my book “Constructions of cartridges” for free.

Dates of the action:
From Saturday, March 16, 2019, 12:00 AM PDT to Monday, March 18, 2019, 11:59 PM PDT.

At the same time, I ask everyone who downloaded the book to write a review about the book on the book’s webpage on Amazon. I have no right to influence the content of the reviews, but I hope that the reviews will be objective.

I remind you that to download a book you need to install an application Kindle E-reader for mobile devices, PC or MAC, which can be downloaded for free on the Amazon website.


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Jaco, it is clearly stated that the period of free download starts Saturday, 16th.

I myself did not buy anything on Amazon, but it seems to me that this should be completely free.

Books on Amazon are sold. Sales conditions are flexible, there are various options for promoting books. I gave Amazon the right to promote the electronic version of the book. To promote the book, Amazon holds temporary promotions, including discounts, the possibility of free reading of the book and so on. This happens without my participation.

GUYS - all Mikhail is doing here is pointing out that Amazon is offering the E-version of the book (which Amazon has had for a little while now) as a free download for a short specific time. Mikhail has no control over them doing this and is just pointing this out after he has learned of the pending offer coming up in 2 days. The E-reader files which Amazon hosts often have a caveat in the agreement that they can promote it or offer it at a discount, or temporarily for free to generate interest for the item. This usually entails dealing with some advertisement or something during or around the time of the free download.

Thank you Mikhail.

Thank you, you have indicated everything very correctly.
I know that there is an opportunity to download a book for free, and I want to inform the forum members about this.

Aha, sorry Writer, I have just to wait 2 days. Thanks!

Edit: I removed my first post.

I just expereinced the same problem, and could not uncerstand why Amazon- where I am already registered- wanted me to pay for Kindle download…
… someone could just say, “Read the original post again, Jack!”, I am used to such, being half blind.
Thanks, Writer, much appreciated, and I hope I remember in two days!!

A misunderstanding on my part, I sincerely apologize, & will delete my posts.

No big deal, it’s all right.

Writer, thank you for the book info.
In addition to free books, Amazon has 100s of educational firearm videos you can stream at no extra cost if you buy a Prime membership.
Prime Membership costs about $12.00 a month (I think) by wife pays for it.
You stream many 1000’s of educational and entertaining programs and you get free shipping on products you buy from Amazon Primer, although others selling through Amazon may charge shipping.
In my opinion , it is a great value compared to Netflix and I have watched 100s of hours of firearm videos learning the history and technical information of the subject…
Also if you install Kindle on you computer you can install books (like this one) free with Amazon Prime.

Dear forum member,

I thank you for the useful information that may be of interest to all forum members.
But unfortunately, I cannot take full advantage of your information. With my knowledge of English, I cannot understand the text.

Best regards

Well, it is the 16th, and after logging on to Amazon, the free download only seems to work if I sign up for Kindle Unlimited at $9.99/month.
Unless I am missing something not so obvious…

Dear forum member,

I do not understand anything in the specifics of time indication in the United States, but, as I understand it, the time has not yet come.
This time is set by Amazon. I copied the message from Amazon in the form in which it was received:

From Saturday, March 16, 2019, 12:00 AM PDT to Monday, March 18, 2019, 11:59 PM PDT.


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Done that. Piece of cake. Free. New commercial mailings (Amazon-Amazon-Amazon) will be dumped in the spam-box.

Downloading it now - thank you.

Very nice book. Thank you. -Ger

Thank you Mikhail
Just downloaded the book.

Got the book, and the app (Kindle) to open it. Nice book!
Is it correct the book is only online readable, not really download-able?

If so, is there any possibility to download it, as PDF or what?


Dear Jaco,

I am very glad that you liked the book.

The book is available in two variants:

  • Kindle e-book for reading in the Kindle application for mobile devices, PC or MAC;
  • paperback book.

The content of both variants is the same.
At present, the book is available only on the website Amazon.
The book in PDF format is not available.