Free Downloads of DWM, Geco, RWS & Other Catalogs & Material

Following the excellent example of Ron Merchant and Roger Hugel, I have posted the following material on my website under the Free Downloads button.

DWM: 3 Catalogs and 4 Ballistics Tables and a copy of the 1913 case index

Geco: 4 Catalogs

RWS: 8 Catalogs (one a B&W copy).

I made/received copies of these catalogs 4 or more years ago. They are not perfect but they are readable and have lots of info.

If anyone has other copies they would like to donate to this effort, please send me copies (ideally .pdf) and I will put them up on the site for all.

If you have a question drop me an email or a PM.



Lew-Glad to see that someone else besides Roger & I have come to the conclusion that there is not enough profit to be made, given the work and materials cost, to justify trying to sell this stuff. You can only price a DVD at just so much before you reach the point nobody will buy it. And that price is way below the price needed to make money on the DVD sales. It just makes more sense, if your really a collector and not just in the hobby for the money, to share things like these catalogs. More and more catalogs are disappearing every year for many reasons. We all should have started digitizing our paper files 20 years ago. Today, with cheap scanners and cheaper mass memory available, there is no reason not too. Many of us are now of retirement age, so now we have the time to do these projects. Things like the FREE availability of catalogs and other information is certain to pay off in the end by bringing more younger collectors into the hobby.

Will send you the 1904 DWM catalog if interested

Pivi, I think I have most of the pre-WWI catalogs and will be posting them soon.

There are at least two versions of Catalog 4, one with a green cover and one with a gray cover (which I only have as a reprint).

Please send me the one you have and we will see if it is a third version.



Hi Lew.
Depending on which version Pivi has, I have a grey/brown original too.


I have added a DWM 1904 Catalog, DMK Catalog #1 (about 1882) and SFM 1900 sent by Pivi. Thanks Pivi!

Have also added a number of other pre-WWI DMK and DWM catalogs including #2, #2A, #3 and #3A, as well as an early unnumbered catalog. These are all the published DWM and DMK pre-WWI catalogs I know of. There is an unpublished 1902 catalog.

Anyone with catalogs they would like to share, particularly old catalogs (say 1950s and earlier) please sent them to me. Later catalogs are fine also.