Free Gyrojet Book Supplemental Chapter


My first free supplemental Gyrojet book chapter is now available for download at The link is on the left, under “Home.” Chapter 27, Supplemental Miscellaneous Notes by Chapter, is 38 pages long and includes new information about Finjets; Lancejets; Javettes; Gyrojets; flares; and large-caliber, chemical-payload rockets in addition to a 40mm flechette rocket I was finally able to positively identify.

I’m also pleased that I was finally able to pin down (no pun intended) the operation of MBA’s centrifugal point- and impact-detonating 30mm fuzes.

The idea is that you can download the chapter, a 1.8 mb PDF file, save it to your computer or thumb drive, print it single or double-sided, have an office supply store like Kinko’s, Staples, etc. punch the pages, and insert it in your book. Of course, you can do whatever you prefer. There’s no copyright on the chapter.

Surprisingly, I already have other new information which will be included in supplemental chapter 28. Apparently, there’s just no end to it.


Thanks, Mel! Your book is beyond AWESOME! As soon as I get home to the US I am going to down load this supplemental chapter.