Free online Optical OCR for researching foreign images


This is kind of technical but…
I mentioned in the post about the Russian 7N21 ammo that I used an online OCR program and I thought it was worth mentioning here to anybody who has accumulated allot of foreign magazine articles which they have yet to decipher. I know I have loads of French, German, and Russian magazine articles on pistol-caliber AP ammo which I have scanned into my computer as image files. It takes forever to translate them even when using an online translator to type all of the characters into manually, and things are still hard to get right since the accent marks & punctuation are not always correctly available on an English keyboard. Just yesterday I tried a free online OCR program at which lets you upload an image as a .bmp or .jpg which contains text, and then you select the language that it is and it pulls the text from it and gives you a block of standard html text which you can then copy & paste into something like a Google translator online and change from French to English or whatever. It has saved me tons of time, and I just translated 10 articles yesterday which I have had sitting around for over a year as images. I got some great new info from them too. So even if you have pages of foreign text as either written or typed and you haven’t translated them yet, you can just scan them into your computer as images, and then upload them to this site and have the text pulled from the image to later paste into a free online translator like Google. I am going to translate some foreign patents next… The site only allows 10 uploads per hour though. Of course the end result is not perfect and you sort of have to fix it up with some words not recognized, or words out of place, but it’s enough to understand everything.