FREE to IAA members Winchester & Western & Savage cartridge info PDFs

Over the Covid year(s) I managed to assemble an illustrated guide to Winchester and Western headstamps, along with a few bullet types, etc. Plus a section on 30-06 Springfield with Winchester related hs, courtesy of Rene Kloosterman. The work has been uploaded to the IAA Resource Center and is awaiting approval.
If you would like a FREE PDF send your email and I will return an attachment. Bonus is - I keep you on file and when corrections or additions are made I will send you the updates.
Also I have a supplement with comparative measurements of selected font sizes (such as the “o” in Co/CO).
For Savage aficionados I have a (much shorter) headstamp guide. And more! I also did a brief study of the Winchester & Western Silvertip Bullet (Rene gave some assit on this, also!) OK, did I forget something?? I’m sure…
YEP - my email:


A bit out of m interests, so I will pass, but I commend you for your research and eagerness to share.

I am sure a lot of people will be very grateful to have access to this.

Cartridge collectors are great people, helping others!

Holy smokes, talk about fine-grained detail! Extremely impressive.

Bob, you’re an awesome guy! I sent you a PM from my email…


received your great work.
Thankyou very much for sharing your work!



Thanks Bob
Great information down loaded once I got this computer running again