Freedom Group-NY Times Article-Owns Remington and?

The 27 November 2011 NY Times lead article in their Business section focused on the Freedom Group, a private company owned by Cerberus Capital Management, a private investment company whose chief is Stephen Feinberg with headquarters in Midtown Manhatten. I was surprised to find out that the Freedom Group owns a pretty fare portion of the US gun and ammo business. The article indicates they began by buying Bushmaster, then Remington, Marlin Firearms, Dakota Arms, DPMS, L. C. Smith, Harrington & Richardson in the gun business, S&K in the gun stocks, Advanced Armament Corp who makes silencers and Barns Bullets. Of course they own the Remington ammo business.

Apparently about a third of the ammo on the shelf in the typical Cabela’s sporting goods store is by Freedom Group.

The article also said that Winchester Reperting Arms and Browning are both part of the Herstal Group of Belgium, something else I didn’t know.

The focus of the article was on guns, but it made me wonder if the Freedom Group owns any other ammo companies (or is Cabel’s ammo shelf stocked with about 1/3 Remington ammo).

A second question is who owns the other US ammo companies?

I assume Winchester and Western are still owned by Olin and independent of Winchester Repeating Arms and the Herstal Group.

I know the old Precision Ammunition in Florida is now owned by RUAG and is now AmmoTec USA.

Both Speer and Federal are wholly-owned subsidiaries of Minneapolis, Minnesota-based ATK Security and Sporting which has it’s Hq at1300 Wilson Boulevard Arlington, VA 22209. ATK also operates Lake City Arsenal and the Radford Army Ammunition Plant in Radford, Virginia for the DOD under their ATK Armament Systems which includes Federal Premium, CCI, Speer, RCBS, Alliant Powder, Champion, Weaver, Eagle Industries, and Blackhawk! Industries.

Does anyone know of any ammo or ammo related companies owned by the Freedom Group?

Who are the other big companies that own multiple ammo companies in the US?

Apparently NAMMO based in Finland owns all the Swedish, Finnish and Norwegian ammunition companies (except Norma) as well as SK Schönebeck in Germany that is now part of Lapua.

CBC in Brazil owns both MEN in Germany and S&B in the Czech Republic and MagTech which is, I believe, their US arm, but does not actually make ammo.

And of course RUAG Ammotec AG, Thun Switzerland owns DAG in Germany,
MFS in Hungary, Norma in Sweden; Hirtenberger, Austria (only the name-ammo plant closed) and both Munitionsfabrik Altdorf and Thun in Switzerland as well as Ammotec USA as mentioned above.

Sure is getting tough to figure out who the players are.

Any additions or other info welcome!



IN Addition,
Thales (of France) which was formed from the GIAT group of French and other companies, owns 100% of ADI (Australia).

Doc AV

Lew - another guy’s research indicates that the guy at the absolute top of this myriad of corporate entities is George Soros, a billionaire who is totally anti-gun and the real money and power behind the Obama Government.

I found that hard to believe, as I often do with conspiracy theories, and asked if any respectable, competent pro-gun organization like the NRA had vetted this group. It struck me strange that if Freedom group, through Cerberus, was a Soros-owned company, that we have read nothing about it in the Firearms Press.

Do you, or anyone else, have a definitive answer on this? At this point, I don’t believe it myself, but if it is true, it is very worrisome.

A quick Google search reveals this as an internet rumor that is false. Both Snopes (a common internet rumor debunker) and the NRA debunk the Soros link:

Freedom Group / Cerberus does however own lots of interest in guns & ammo and their board includes Dan Quayle among other conservatives.

I don’t think George Soros is involved with Freedom Group. See: It seems to provide some solid information about Freedom and Cerberus.

D.K. and Dennis - that is good news, and what I thought. The fact that I had read no credible
"gun" source either confirming it or debunking it made me think it was probably not worth their effort, but there was a chance it slipped under the radar.

It is well that it is debunked right here, on our Forum. Tnanks to contributors like you two, this Forum is as credible a source as the NRA. By the way, from what I have heard of SNOPES, it is a dicey source, not totally credible. I have heard that from people I respect very much. I don’t even look at it anymore. But if the rumor has been debunked by NRA that is good enough for me, and I hope puts the matter to rest.

Cor-Bon/Glaser is owned by Dakota Ammunition, but I don’t know whether that’s the same as Dakota Arms and therefore part of the Freedom group.

The trade names RWS, Rottweil, Dynamit Nobel, GECO, SWISS P, RUAG, MFS 2000, Copper-Matrix NTF, Norma, SM, HP and Sintox are owned by RUAG Ammotec, RUAG group.

Hirtenberger still makes ammo, but in the form of a range of mortar bombs. Small arms ammo production stopped around 2004 IIRC.

There is a now a split between Denel PMP (which remains in S African control and makes small arms and auto cannon ammo) and Rheinmetall Denel Munition (which makes grenade rounds and mortar bombs).

I know Steve Feinberg. We shoot clays together. He is a frequent visitor to the local gunshops and gunsmiths in the Saratoga /Capital district area. He or Cerberus or the Freedom Group have no connection with George Soros what so ever. He doesn’t have any idea who started the rumor. One would have to assume the anti gun folks are behind the story. The Remington plant in Ilion, NY, about 60 miles west of here, got a big upgrade in tooling and machinery when he took over. They were still using some machinery from between the wars.
There is a link here to the Remington Arms site the facility is open to the public for tours of the plant and the museum.
Worth the stop.

Sportclay - thanks for further confirmation of the “Soros” hoax. It is good to be sure about

Simunition is part of SNC/IVI of Canada, which is, itself, now owned by General Dynamics. GD already had St Marks Powder and now also has the Santa Barbara plant of Spain.

Lew, when I visited 2011 ShotShow and passed the NRA booth, I picked up a free magazin of American Rifleman, Feb. 2011.
In the “president’s column” Ronald L. Schmeits stated :
'Among IANSA’s many financiers is Hungarian George Soros (owner of Freedom Group) who uses his staggering wealth to promote his vision of a world where national sovereignty is cast aside in favor of global norms.'
It’s best to obtain a copy of Feb. 2011 American Rifleman and read it.

That’s definitely an embarrassing typo if American Riflemen (of all magazines) put that in there about George Soros being the “owner of Freedom group”. Maybe it was just the particular author of that article who repeated that rumor from somewhere and American Rifleman did not notice it until after printing? He has never owned, or been a part of any gun or ammunition company (thank god!).
Here is the NRA’s “retraction” if you will, of the rumor.