Freedom Munitions "Big Grains" & "Tagged Out"

Freedom Munitions is really getting diversified with their ammo lines lately, having just added “Leadville”, “American Steel”, and “Hush” last year, they are now adding the “Tagged Out” hunting rifle ammo, and the “Big Grains” large-bore ammo line, which thus far is .50AE, .500S&W, and .458 SOCOM. They are all listed as out-of-stock at the moment, but should come in stock by March I would think. I am really hoping for an FM or X-TREME headstamped .50AE case!

I received a box of the recently in-stock .50 AE “Big Grains” ammo, and although the box is nicely done with raised shiny lettering & graphics, the cases were Starline… Boooo…

After around 6 months of being out of stock, Freedom’s 325gr FMJ .50AE from their Big Grains line is finally back in stock, and the price has gone down to $20.40 per box of 20rds, or $1.02 per rd. This is the best price on the internet for this caliber (for any load type) at the moment by over 0.10 cents per rd, and Freedom also has a promo going where any order over $99 is only 0.05 cents shipping. So 100rds of that for $102.00 only costs $102.05 shipped. Relatively very good price for .50AE. I’m hoping they are also doing a custom headstamp for it now, but that is doubtful.

Also saw this full factory tour video recently which is great for going over their whole process. I see they are using some Ammoload machines, and they also have an interesting high-speed photo setup to spot-check primer & bullet seating:

They’re not averse to having a little fun at Freedom where at the 25:20 mark in the video above they load a baby into a shipment with some ammo… yes really.

Here is the high-speed photo scanner to check primers, seating and O.A.L.:

freedom photo check

I believe I finally figured out why the “Big Grains” line of ammo has had such spotty availability with some long stretches of no stock. It appears that they ran into a copyright issue with… Nintendo. From the first time I saw the Big Grains graphics with the smiling sinister bullet, I thought it looked like the “Bullet Bill” character from Nintendo, or at least one of the many versions of that character.



Whether it appears to specifically infringe on any sort of intellectual property or copyright is certainly debatable, but as is usually the case when a large & powerful corporation threatens on anything like this, the much smaller business will typically capitulate to the demands so as to avoid a costly legal proceeding. This sort of thing has actually happened before when Liberty Ammunition of Florida first released their “Civil Defense” line of ammo it was called “Halo Point” and featured graphics which were basically stolen from the Microsoft copyrighted video game “Halo”. They were told to cease & desist- and they did. I presume the same case is now true with Freedom since why else would they go through the trouble of changing all of their package graphics for the 3 calibers in this line, and with what in my opinion is a less interesting graphic than the original. So if you have any of the original boxes with the grinning bullet - hang on to those collector items.

Along those lines, does anyone else see the similarity to the old Microsoft Windows logo in this Barnaul Logo? I did wonder if Microsoft would take issue with it.

Apologies if this post if it is too far off topic.

I noticed that a few months ago when someone posted a box of Barnaul ammo that had the logo. I’d figure it would be difficult for any legal action to take place with this one…