Freedom Munitions New American Steel Ammunition … hsrcbj3pyu

First Winchester with their USA Forged Steel line, now Freedom Munitions.

I just received some, and it is relatively high quality as far as brass-plated steel goes. There seems to be more dings & lines on the headstamps than there otherwise would be on pure brass cases, but decent other than that. The headstamp is also different, and has larger letters as compared to Freedom’s typical headstamp - in 9mm anyway:

Matt, thanks for posting the photos!


How comes that in recent times more and more western countries do produce steel cased SAA?
For decades it seemed not to be neccessary and also the production of steel cases was more expensive. Did that change recently?

It is only Winchester & Freedom for the moment - that I have heard of (not sure on Freedom’s source, it might be foreign as was Hornady’s a few years ago?). Federal / Speer does Aluminum, but I don’t know of any other U.S. made steel cases

A lot of the pre-production steel cases for a couple of the new companies was made in Turkey, which has been discussed in length on the forum, I think. There are a fair number of them in 9 mm and .40.