I am actually posting this from my school/work computer!!! They finally decided I can be trusted. Fools! This can get deleted by the IAA admins, but I’m just so happy I had to post about it.
Love to all,

Good for you!

You’ll be getting a detention :)

If anyone has “ammo” (or anything else) blocked on their server, open IAA as usual, when “blocked” screen comes up, go to the very top of the page to the browser address which starts with “http://” and change it into “https://” by adding “s”, then hit “enter”. The likelyhood is high that you’ll see the forbidden page.

“I believe you know your way to the principals office.”

I offer this to anyone who is having trouble getting to gun & ammo sites:

Another great way to get around blockages on school / work computers is to use a program called Ultrasurf from You can download the exe file to a USB drive and activate it from there to use on the computer you are on and it uses Microsoft Internet Explorer as a modified browser to open any site.

You can also use the Google translator (which translates webpages & text) to open blocked sites on any computer. Just go to Google translate and paste the site address into the box, and then select some random language to translate from (anything will work, I usually pick Italian) as the original language, and then select English as the translate-to language and click translate. Now it will open the “translated” page in a new filtered Google result which the block program will only recognize as a Google link. note: you cannot select English-to-English as the translation so just pick any random foreign language as the original and it will work.

Most schools don’t let you run .exe files. I know mine didn’t. I like the google translate idea though.

Not really ammo related but an example of things that can get blocked on different forums. My family on my mother’s side way back over 100 years ago were German Jewish from Munich. However when I posted that on a family history forum recently the word Jewish come up as ******. Where did that come from?

Forum auto censor
On one gun forum I go to changes Saltwater to “sal war on terror”. On another (a reloading forum) the default filter wouldn’t allow the word “cock” as in “**** the hammer”. It’s kinda funny sometimes.

Gunboards also doesn’t allow you to **** the hammer on your revolver.