French 20x110 USN

I have two questions about this French 20x10 USN.
And what does the square in the head stamp and on the bullet mean?

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in “french” the square indiquate an inert cartridge
you can note that is a inert mechanic primer ,originally this round is electric primer

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I believe that “CARTOUCHE DE MANOEUVRE” means “drill round”.

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Thanks guys. :)

Nice cartridge, don’t see many variations of the USN round, all mine are US or Singapore.
I guess it was for the French Naval Vought Crusader?.

Takapu, could you maybe show us the Singapore ones?
Maybe in another thread to keep this one here straight.

That’s the only plane fitted with the 20 mm MK 12 cannon to see French service, as far as I know. The MK 12 was only installed on US naval planes.

Yes, had this discussion with someone the other day, we came up with the only foreign operated aircraft fitted with the Mk.12 were the A-4 Skyhawk, F-8 Crusader and some early MAP A-7A/P Corsair(Portugal). So not widespread.

Argentina made the cartridge and used at least the A-4.
Fede sure can tell more.

To my understanding the caliber was “Navy aviation only”.