French 20x139 Steel case

Another one of my Flea Market buys today was a French 20x139 Steel case, for the huge cost of 50 pence.

The headstamp is: “CN MIT 20 F1 13 -MR- 76”

Am I right in that “MR” is Manurhin, and “76” is the date?
I presume “CN MIT 20 F1” is the designation number and “13” is the lot number. Is this correct?

Primer is a screw-in type with a brass cap sealed with green annulus, and has 3 semi-circular holes for the insertion tool. It is marked “SF 4 75”. Am I correct that this was made by SFM in April 1975?

You are right. To complete, here is the meaning of the partial hstp:

CN MIT 20 F1

CaNon MITrailleur de 20 mm mod

So I was correct on the hstp, thanks for identifying the other markings. Any chance of a photo of the gun? I can’t seem to find one on the net.

I can’t see one on the Nexter site either.

The F1 (now known as the 20M693) is made in South Africa as the Vektor G1-2. There’s a pic of one on page 12 of this, under a Rooivalk helo:

Cheers Tony.

What is Nexter?

It’s the new name for GIAT, who made the F1.

On AMX 10P


On french vessels


Cheers Michel, I like to see what the guns that fire these things are mounted on.