French 30-06?


Just back from local Gun show. Picked up a few 20 rnd boxes of military 30-06. magnetic, cupronickle plated 150gr ball, black ring at cannalure, annealed brass, berdan primed, 47.5gr some kinda square flake powder. Seems to have French labels on the boxes. MLe 1949 on each box. 2 lots …49-54 and 702-52. My guess corrosive. Anybody know what this really is? My plan was to shoot it.




Does the headstamp look anything like this:




Thanks for the response but no it does not.

The headstamp is: TH - 7.62 - S - 3.54 or LM - 7.62 - S - 3.52. It has cupronickle 150 gr. spitzer ball with about 47.5 gr. square flake powder and berdan primers. Nice looking ammo. Some unopened boxes.



OK, that helps.

This is French military headstamped ammo.

LM = Cartoucherie du Mans, Le Mans, France
TH = Unknown cartridge factory in France
S = Metal supplier

These are more than likely corrosively primed cartridges. The US began to convert to noncorrosive primers during the period of time in which these cartridges were produced.

I am sure someone else can add to this.




TH = Cartoucherie de la Sein (Groupement des Trefileries du Havre), Rugles, France

S = Compagnie Francaise des Meteaux, Serifontaine, France.


Well I guess that about tells the story. I will be pulling the bullets on all the ones in opened boxes and tagging the unopened ones with “do not fire”. Not being a collector, I would sell whatever to whoever cheap if they should be interested.

Thanks for all your help.



FWW (for what it’s worth) My understanding of French ammo, of this era, in 7.5 French caliber is that the primers often do not function. This is what I hear from local machinegun shooters.