French .30 Cal. Carbine Ammo

Little help. Did the French produce:

  1. Brass cased, non-corrosive, Boxer-primed?
  2. Any steel cased?

Hi Jon,

  1. Yes, but with corrosive primers.
  2. Yes.



I know of the brass case corrosive stuff, but did they produce any non-corrosive at all?

Jon - while I collect .30 carbine, I can’t say never to much of anything. As far as I know, though, all of the French .30 Carbine made for the military was corrosive and Berdan primed. It is not good stuff. We had a quantity at the store at one time, and withdraw it after a short time. Nothing but complaints. Either it was poor manufacture originally, or it had very short and poor shelf life. I don’t know which.

I can’t speak for any French commercial .30 carbine (if there was any, since it was a restricted caliber in France, which led to the .30 Court round).

I think TE C 3 54, TE C 4 55, and some around VE F 1 56 come boxer primed, but I was told it’s all corrosive. I don’t know about the SF I rounds. (Or the S.F.M…)
Are there other steel cases known besides VE C 4 49 and VE F 2 52?
Thanks, Dan

The boxer primed cartridge was designated “Mle 1950A” instead of “Mle 1950”. The case was first designated “Mle 1954” but later changed to “Mle 1950A”.

Entry deleted by author. Two different calibers confused, with answer irrelevant.

John Moss

Dan et al - I am withdrawing my last answer, which I am sure confused anyone who read it. I mixed up French .30 Carbine with French 7.65 mm Long! Incredibly stupid of me.

Fede -sorry about that. Obviously, my answer made no sense at all concerning model designations since I answered it with 7.65 French Long in mind.

you would think after 55 years of collecting, I would know the difference between a 7.65 French long cartridge and a .30 carbine. Especially embarrassing because in the Army, I was armed with an M2 Carbine for 18 months of my service. :-(

Sorry about that, folks.

John Moss

Here is an example of a Mle 1950A box. The Boxer primer was also designated Mle 1950A, but Toulouse boxes do not show any designation.


A full M1950 box & contents are dated 3-60, so I don’t understand were both M1950 A and M1950 made at the same time? Or why is the “A” made before the M1950?

Pete, your box is labeled “Cartouches de 7,62 mm K Mle 1950 pour Carabine”, that was a designation adopted on February 8, 1960. Earlier Mle 1950 are not designated “K”.



Mle 50 = Berdan primer
Mle 50A (amorce à enclumette) = Boxer primer

An article interested. Good translation.

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Now I understand, thank you sir

Nice article by Serge but it has the photobucket logo on it, so pretty much incomplete. It would be of much more use if you could just drag it onto the post from your desktop as long it is in jpg format. Log on, go to edit, delete the images on the post first, then just click & drag the new on.

Why was this ammunition made with corrosive primers? As far as I know, all US made .30 carbine was non-corrosive from the beginning. From what I have read, this is becuase parts of the weapon can not be easily disassembled for cleaning.

Surely the French military would have had problems with corrosion when this ammunition was used?

THANK ! you