French .351 W.S.L


For those interested in acquiring an 8x35 Ribeyrolle cartridge my understanding is they are very easy to fake, and most are fakes, so beware & be careful.


How would you tell??? I’m sure MINE is real, all the others must be fake;)
Seriously Pete, is there a “tell” on the fakes or real ones? PM me if you don’t want to post the answer.


from what I’ve read, Riberoyles weapon had some sort of delayed blowback action, although Huon in his book on French self-loading rifles does not provide any further details


The Balle D projectile of the 8x35mm was not that much heavier that that of the parent .351 WSL. So a blowback action would not be too far fetched.


If the pictured arm had some form of delayed blowback mechanism my uneasiness would be allayed a good bit. But as a straight blowback it ain’t gonna work for long unless it has a bolt as heavy as the .351 Winchester had, remembering that most of the Winchester’s pudgy fore-end comprised a counterweight attached to the bolt proper. Even in blowbacks there’s no such thing as a free lunch. Jack