French 37mm Projectile markings

I have a (Presumably) French 37mm Mle. 1885 AP projectile. Between the driving bands it is marked “K 101”. What do these markings mean? Thanks in advance for any info.

My 37mm is definitely French and it has “K 58” in the same place as yours. I guess mine was born before yours, and I am as clueless as you.

Neither one of my HE 1885s has any markings on the projectile. Don’t have an AP to check.

Are we talking about this type of rounds?

Yea. Mine are like the 3 on the right. With fuzes. HE not AP. Noted on another post.

As well, noted on the base of far right projectile is a mass or gob of the base metal of the projectile body. Both of mine have a conical, apparently drilled, depression in the approximate center of the gob. It almost looks like a sprue stub or something. Very corroded, but evident on both of my fired and unfired projectiles. Would think that would affect the trajectory and/or flight path to some extent. But maybe it’s small enough to be out of the airflow. Guess I’ll build a wind tunnel and see. Will update when complete;-)

Slick Rick,

Tracer cavity? Im thinking.


No. Check yours. They’re very hard. My first thought was tracer 'til I scratched around on it.

I’ll ask about the K marking on the BOCN forum.

Slick Rick,

Is this the area you are refering too?