French .50 Spotter with one small DH in side of case

Hi ,

I’ve got this French spotter cartridge with one small hole in the case,- exactly one the same place like the other one in my stock.
In the Reference from Ron Fuchs you can read this:

So is the cartridge an original for demonstration purposes like trade shows?

Here some pictures:

Usually the display cartridges have no primer or a struck primer to designate its being inert. In some cases the primer cup is blackened.

But another possibility for this cartridge is that it is a pressure test round, the hole in the case usually covered by cellophane tape to keep the powder in. The round would be loaded into a special barreled action that allowed a pressure transducer to be inserted into the case from outside the action. The gun is then fired and the transducer registers the pressure created. (There’s actually 2 ways to do this measuring using the hole in the case. For simplification, I’ll just leave the description at that.)