French 50cal help and more


A nice gentleman gave a huge ammo can to me at a local show. It looked like it was filled up with totally unrelated ammo of various kind, just as I like it, and for $5 I did not even want to look at a single round. When I came home, I found several 50 cal rounds inside, 2 live, 2 fired and 1 unfired with intact primer, and a separated projectile. Here are the projectile and the unfired case. May I assume they belong to each other? Also, at the bottom of the ammo can were multiple lathe related pieces. May someone knowledgable in lathe PM me for photos and tell me what I have here?



Armor piercing Mle 1947
Manufacturing Atelier de fabrication de Valence 2 ° quarter 1949
Supplier of the brass Tréfileries et Laminoirs du Havre à Rugles


Once again, pierrejean comes through with some great info from his impressive library!

The knowledge that is shared among international collectors is amazing and gratifying. Thank you all!