French 7.9x57mm


The early 1950’s dated French 7.9mm Mauser ammo that was made to support their efforts against the Viet Minh in French Indo-China (or so I’ve been told or read somewhere) is a common find. But I have seen only two different headstamps, 2 VE 50 R and 4 VE 52 S. Does anyone have any others?

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He exists surement of the other one there !
VE 51 F 1


Phil - in ten or fifteen years of intensely collecting the 7.9 x 57 of all countries, lots and dates, I have only the three rounds so far mentioned. Of course, I have other French 7.9s, but not of this era and headstamp style. With the length of the Indo-China war, it is surprising no more lots and dates have surfaced. They are legion for the same period and purpose in 9 mm Parabellum.

John Moss


Thanks pierrejean and John, now I have something else to look for!!


Is there any evidence of French use of German small arms in Indo-China? I seem to recall that Junkers Ju52 transport aircraft were pressed into service as bombers, but it seems like photographs of French troops there in the years up to 1954 show French or occasionally American small arms. Jack


A neighbour served in the Légion Etrangère and he only recalls use of Thompson SMG for agility and effect in the jungle by his unit.