French 9x19 F2A

I need ballistic data on the French 9 mm Parabellum F2A cartridge.


What I need is only bullet weight and velocity.

Morten, as I understand this is a cartridge having NATO STANAG 4090 qualification and those made by ALM (GIAT) in the 1990’s are found in cases headstamped “LM ⊕” and date. A brochure by this company indicates that the bullet weighs 8g and V10 is 395 m/s. There is also a non toxic variation with same bullet weight and V10 = 360 m/s.

Thanks, Fede. Just what I needed!


What is the F2A bullet in 9x19mm??? I’m not familiar with the designation?


It is an FMJ ball cartridge. Introduction, I believe, was early/mid 1990s. I will post some box images when home from travelling.

In the same headstamp + LM 98 but with the “98” date is an expanding bullet type which was shown as regular production on the GIAT-LM sheet Fede mentioned, as well as a round with a pointed bullet - when I say “pointed” I mean from the case mouth, with a rounded ogive, the bullet slopes down to a needle-sharp point! I did not see that round on the LM spec sheet. I was told when I acquired the expansive type that it was experimental. The bullet is really odd shaped. However, clearly it is NOT experimental, but rather a serial production type (or was serial production) from LM.


Here is a box with Cart 9 Mle F2A from Le Mans, 1996.

My box contains only one fired case headstamped + LM 96.

I believe this cartridge, which has a brass jacket, is the type that belongs in the box: