French Buckingham Incendiary rounds

I bought a French Buckingham Incendiary round at the International ECRA meeting, I was told that the bullets were supplied by the UK and the cases were manufactured and loaded in France. Would these have been Buckingham MkII bullets that were supplied or were they a special design/type for France.

Headstamp is AVE 7.70 P 4 -18

Am I correct in thinking this was

AVE - Atelier de Construction de Valenca, France
7.70 - .303 British
P - Brass supplier ???
4-18 - 4th quarter of 1918

thanks for any info on the contract or Brass supplier


have you a picture of your ctge ?

The website give details of an 8mm Lebel from the same era with ‘P’ as the metal supplier and suggest they are a company called Société anonyme des Mines et Fonderies de Pontgibaud
I know its a different calibre but I’d think its probably the same supplier.


The correct name for AVE is: Cartoucherie de Valence, Valence, France (also used VE as code).

The P is : Ste Française des Metaux, Coueron, France

(both codes are published in ‘Repertoire des sigles ateliers - Forces armées françaises’)

Orpheus and Jim are right every two.
The “Société Française des Métaux”, usine de COUERON (44 - France, metal supplier en 1914), depended on the “Société Anonyme des Mines et Fonderies de PONTGIBAUD” (63 - France), but after 1945 !

Many thanks for the Headstamp information