French cartridge patent

I have been trying to find information on what I believe is a French patented pistol cartridge, with the number 81-00-841, but I haven’t been able to find anything anywhere, and I tried the INPI website (Institut National de la Propriete Industrielle), but to no avail. The original French text from an article reads: [quote]Cette invention est brevetee la requete en demande de brevet a l’I.N.P.I. deposee le 14 janvier 1981 a eu comme notification de numero d’enregistrement national 81-00-841[/quote]
Which I took to mean that the cartridge had been awarded a patent or registration number of 81-00-841 in 1981, but I can find nothing on it. It was for the ALIA steel core pistol cartridges and this information comes from the July 1981 issue of AMI which had an an article on ALIA written by Andre Rolland. Anybody know how these French patent numbers work?


Have you tried the European Patent Office website?

I tried the European patent office search, but none of the search fields found anything for that number. The ALIA has been a very mysterious cartridge to research as far as exact history. I did find one interesting bit in an article which suggests that the ALIA was invented just prior to, and by the same inventor who eventually came up with the THV design a couple years after the ALIA. Can’t seem to verify that either however.

  1. As soon as you go to INPI and ask for a patent they give you at once a number which is the definitive patent number.
    There is not a difference between registration and patent number.

This number is like that 234569 (for exemple) and not like that : 81 (for year) and so on.

Number 1 started in 1944 (if I remember well) and is incremented at each new request.

  1. You have also a publication number but only WHEN YOUR PATENT IS FALLEN IN THE PUBLIC DOMAIN it means after 5, 10 or more years.

Very often US writters make the mistake and instead of the patent number they give you the publication number in their book.

  1. Conclusion : what you have read in AMI newspaper is no good, it is not the patent number.

Be patient, I have access to all the patents numbers from SFM, including the new ctges . I will take care of that as soon as I have finished to find the documention interesting me about shotshells.