French Eley question

I have here two full 100 count Eley boxes from France
They seem to be from different periods.
The black case has a cartoucherie francaise headstamp. And the brown cases have Eley gas tight headstamps.
Also the boxes have different codes of production.

What does the difference in ‘export regions ‘ mean??
Regards René

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I think they list the regions where Eley cartridges were (exclusively?) sold via Cartoucherie Francais as wholesaler, while other regions of the world were served by other wholesalers.

Edit: all based on the contracts they had with Eley.

These cases were produced by cartoucherie Francaise!
Fabrique par la ( produced by )
Agent General pour la france ( General Agent for France )
Les D.O.M. T.O.M. et Pays de L’ex union Francaise
What means D.O.M. T.O.M.??
Pays de L’ex Union Franciase is ( I think ) former French Colonies??

Les Colonies et Pays de Protectorat Francais ??
Is this ; Colonies and countries under protection of France??

DOM is overseas départments and TOM overseas territories.
Whoever made the carrtridges, the Eley brand is used, which is only possible based on some agreement, which seems to limit the geographic areas where Cartoucherie Francaise could sell them.

Hi Jochem,

Thanks for helping me out on this!

Cartoucherie Francaise produced these at the time the Eley factory was destroyed be a big explosion.

Regards René