French Gras Cadet?

Hi everybody! I am looking for info on the 11 x 48.5R cartridge for the 1874 Gras Cadet Rifle. The rifle is a scaled down version of the 1874 Gras Rifle. Thank you!

Jean Huon, Military Rifle and Machine Gun Cartridges (1988, English Edition) shows an 11 mm Gras Cadet, case length 50.6 mm, on page 192. Projectile was a round lead ball.

This is what you are looking for.


Interesting, and confusing! I just received some info from a French book about the Gras cartridges. The Cadet rifle used a 48.5mm case, based on the 11x59R case, with a much longer neck than shown in the photo above. The Brazza Carbine was what the 11x48.5R was originally intended for, according to the book.

Chassepot, aside from the shorter case, is the cartridge in the photo dimensionally the same as the 11x59R?

Only CL and HL are shorter.


Thank you!

Chassepot, I thought that the image you show is commonly known as the 11x50R Scolaire (FR8 in ESC), whereas the 11 x 48.5R has a different case profile and is either the 11x48.5R Gevelot (FR7 typically with the “Mx/…” hs) or the 11x48R Brazza (FR6) which is also very similar and so is the 11x47R Gevelot (FR5) - all based on the 11mm Gras case?


Different cartridges based on the 11 mm Gras case exist and are often confused. The cartridge for the Gras Scolaire rifle is the one I showed.


There is also a recent production of the 11x50R Gras scolaire made by Megret that actually measures 11.2x49.2R and has a much shorter neck.

About the Gras Scolaire pictured by FEDE, it should be noted that several of the rounds from early Maurice MEGRET production wxere somehow …approximate…! (in that case, tyhe bullet shape ins not good)…