French headstamps with brass supplier(s)

  • From what I know only a few countries (France, Poland, etc.) used to mark the brass supplier(s) code on the headstamp of the small caliber ammunition. I would like to know exactly the year when the French started to mark the brass supplier(s) on the headstamp, on what type of ammo they did it first and what brass supplier(s) we’re talking about. A complete list of the brass suppliers from France would be nice to be posted to this topic. Many thanks in advance, Liviu 12/26/11

Russia also did.

As did Switzerland.

There was a fairly complete list of French metal suppliers and case makers in the ECRA journal some years ago. I will dig it our and post in the near future.


The marking of the supplier of metal appears on French cartridges of 11mm Gras in 1884 (Puteaux 2 ° quarter) and seems generalized in 1885 to all the cartridge factories.

Attached a list French supplier(s)

And not to forget: Denmark did it too.

Germany also did, but only for its Steel cases with “Galvaniziert” (electroplated) Steel cases in the 1930s…the Roman Numerals and lower case letters and numbers gave an indication of the Supplier and Lot number. of the steel used.
German Grey steel (Bonderised) cases used no Codes relating to steel supplier.
Doc AV

While what DocAV states is generally true: steel mill, plating firm and steel analysis identifications were still being used on the “St+” marked cases although they don’t appear on the cartridge cases themselves.

Here is a label from a 6000 round crate of “New S. (Stahl)+” cartridge cases” of 1942 that shows the steel mill, plating firm and steel analysis number.