French labeled 9x19mm box with Italian cartridges

Another ECRA box seems to probably be refilled with Italian cartridges.

The French label box has no markings except those shown. I have never seen this box before. I was very surprised when I looked in it and saw it was almost filled with Italian military headstamped rounds (B P D 53). These rounds were very common on the US market back in the 1960s or 1970s, but were packed in the box shown below.

And it is possible that they were just used to fill an empty French box.

Some other thoughts:
-The Generic box in the French label could have been made in Italy to sell this BPD ammo to a French speaking country somewhere in the world.
-This box doesn’t look French to me. I think French boxes have the manufacturer identified. I have Italian boxes with no maker ID, but with LBC ammo. These labels are also in French
-The box style looks like it could be Pre-WWII and a collector or someone just filled it with what was available.

Does anyone have this box in their collection? If so please let me know what cartridges it contains.

Other thoughts appreciated.