French machine gun in 1869


What is the name ?


Nordenfelt gun

Here is a video of it shooting



I recognise the pictures but I do not know what it is.

Nordenfelt it is not.



Well, it’s some sort of volley gun…

I bet the Nordenfelt borrowed heavily from this design…


From the design and the date, I would say it is chambered for the M1866 Needle fire cartridge (Chassepot); the chamber doen’t look long enough for the Mitrailleuse cartridge or the pin/tit/fire “Cent Gardes” cartridge; but the mechanism looks like a small version of the Mitrailleuse Cartridge carrier Block system, but for a single level of Barrels.

Any further info from French Archives ?( Chatellerault).

Doc AV


It is not a Nordenfelt which was patented only in 1873.
Here is the text (unfortunately in french!)

From the text the bolt pushs needles which ignitiate the primer coumpound being in a glass ampoule in each ctge
Which ctge could it be???