French MAS AT rifle cartridge?

I came across this weapon desicribed as a possible French experimental AT rifle (or just being a private venture of those days).

Unfortunately nothing is known on the ammunition which was meant for this gun.
The image is showing something like a reproduction (?) of the cartridge (basing on a chamber cast?).
Does anbody know more about this cartridge? … x%20fr.htm

Alex, this rifle fires a sound supressed cartridge. I have the patent somewhere in my files but I can’t remember the name of the applicant. I’ll will post a drawing as soon as I find it. Regards, Fede.

Once more, the old dinosaur rises again…!!

With my friend Jean Huon, we had the opportunity to examine the gun (which belonged to a local collector) in the 80ies.
It was obviously a test “vehicle” to look after the possibilities of obtaining MOBILE INTERCHANGEABLE CHAMBERS, so strictly nothing to do with AT or suppressed rifle.

Unhappily, we had no silicon paste available in those years to check the internal organisation… and rifling. The so-called “silasten” material we use now was not in general use, except for dental practice…(!) and we only took pictures.

It seems that the idea was to explore the possibilities of diverse chamber profiles, without altering the first part of rifling, which was left unchanged.

Fede, if you have a patent in reference, we would be very interested in seing it, especially for the date and name of the patentee…

Btw, I would also like to know the origin of the corresponding (?) cartridge pictures affixed ?



Fede, yes that patent would be interesteing in any case!

Philippe, thanks again for the further clarification.

Alex and Phil, the patent of the silenced cartridge was applied in 1946 by Louis Debuit, who is more widely known because of the design of the MGD PM-9 submachine gun while working at the Étabs Merlin et Gérin. Now that I think about it I don’t know where I get the idea that this patent is related to the rifle, but likely because of the similarity with the shape of the cartridge replica. I really don’t know for sure if they are related.

The captions indicate:

1 - Case
2 - Propellant charge
3 - Wad
4 & 41 - Waterproofed discs
5 & 51 - Perforations
6 - Liquid substance
7 - Bullet
8 - Fixed plug
9 - Primer



Thanks Fede! Interesting he got something patented the Russians were testing in WWII. It seems as so often they did not patent anything for secrecy reasons.

actually, this concept dates back to about 1902: … 692819.pdf