French mortar fuzes produced in Sweden for Finland 1940


I am looking for information on Finnish use of two French mortar fuzes
is SR/35-32/41
is SR/33-23/31

During the Winter war Swedish companies were involved in producing components to these fuzes and then shipped to Sytytin OY for assembly.

As I do not read Finnish and finnish sources are hard to auto translate and especially negations seems hard to understand for Google,
there is a risk of error in when I tried to decipher the translations. And sometimes Google really get lost in translation.

As I understands these fuzes where “pressed into service” as the finnish produced “is 33” had reliability problems, especially at temperatures below -25 C.

Had the “french” fuzes above been produced in Finland before 1939 ?

Where they(or similar mechanics with 24 mm diameter) in French service 1939 ?

Anyone knows if the French armed forces mobilized civilian companies for fuze production,
and in such case knows if Electrolux AB Courbevoire already had tooling for their production line?

Any help appreciated

John Turesson

John, e-mail sent.