French Plastic-case blanks


I have two plastic-case blanks in 7.62 x 51 NATO and 7.5 x 54 Calibre. These are made of a translucent white plastic, with aluminium bases and nickel-plated primer caps sealed with blue annulus. Am I correct in thinking that these are French?


Do you have images for us?


No, sorry. I need to get a scanner.


Yes they are French.
Check carefully this kind of rounds when you encounter them, because they look all the same but in fact :

  1. There are 5 different variations for 7.5 MAS : One for grenade launching and 4 different blanks.
  2. And 2 variations for 30 Nato : one blank and one Grenade launcher.
    The grenade launcher can de recognised because you can see the CRIMPED insert inside.
    The different blanks depend of the shape of the bullet (pointed or corpulent), of the base material (cadnium steel or aluminium) and of the color of the plastic (white or translucent).


Jean-Pierre, I have 7.5 MAS plastic case blanks, White, not translucent, pointed with a 4 segment crimp, black colour in the primer annalus, some with Aluminium heads ,but one with a steel head,
Would I be correct in assuming they are blanks without special purpose.


Yes Terry, you are right.