French Proof Process & Cartridges for Revolvers?

This is a question for one of our French participants, perhaps?

I have not seen or heard of a French proof cartridge for revolvers from the pre WW2 days. I am aware that at some stage they introduced the familiar red base and bullet but what did they use before then ?

Did they use cartridges to proof revolvers and if so how were they identified ??

I am familiar with Belgian proof cartridges (typically including the words “Epreuve Liege”) made by VFM for the Liege Proof House, and the British habit of marking cartridges with a red or purple bar on the base. SFM was a prolific manufacturer of cartridges (I have over 100 variations in .450 alone from them) but no proof cartridges that I am aware of.

Anyone shed any light on this?

Chris P.

The only thing I can add, which you almost certianly have is French proof mark stamps for the weapon after it was tested.


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