French S.F.M. all brass shotgun shells- date of manufacture?

Came across a 100 round box of new 12 gauge French primed all-brass emptys. Headstamp is marked Ste Fse des Munitions with Paris underneath,
a number 12 at 5’oclock & 7’oclock with two back to back G’s at 6 o’clock.
SFM, two stars & back to back G’s on primer. Looks like a No. 2 primer.
Sure are pretty!!
Box is marked: 100 douilles pour fusil a percussion centrale metalliques 12
next line: pour le chargement de ces douilles employer des bourres et accessoires Cal. 10, on small label is 75m/m, on other small label is "Bourreet No. 2 Minoe.
Any idea as to the age of these shells or anyother info.??


from the picture you sent to me I can say : before 1914

Would be nice to see the box picture on the forum, along with a picture of at least the cartridge headstamp, so we could all enjoy it. Sounds like interesting stuff.

jp, thanks for the information!

John Moss, I sent the pictures to your home email address.
I am computer challenged :-) , sorry, I don’t know how to post it on the forum.

Jeff Combs Collection

Thank you JONES!!


Here are some explanations for shotshells collectors.

Bourrelet N

Here is a page from the 1926 Giulio Fiocchi, Lecco catalog showing the diminisions of English and French Thin Rim.

Be carefull with Fiocchi catalogues (not the 1926 one but the later ones)!

What they call THIN French rim for 4 and 8 gauges are in fact THICK rims !
Indeed they say that because the THICK French rim for these gauges is thinner than the ones of the British ones.
The true THIN French rim is even thinner !!

This remark is true only for 4 and 8 gauges.