French Shot Sizes

I show an interesting 14mm (32ga) shotshell and box.
The size chart on the back is the subject of this post.
I assume that the Paris shot size was the main one used in French shotshells and that the Lyon and Marseille sizes were made obsolete. Approximate year.

My question is: once this Starlett shell is removed from the box, how does the shooter know what diameter or size the shot is? The box says Cartoucherie Francaise so it was made in Paris and so French size 2 or 3.75mm Diameter.
The shell is not headstamped so would cause confusion overseas as a size 2 can be
3.43mm UK, 3.81mm Europe, 3.75mm Paris, 4.25mm Marseille or 4.5mm Lyon diameter.

What does the P stand for in the Lyon sizes? (a half size?)
Can anyone show photos of Lyon and Marseille top-wads?
It certainly helps when shot size and diameter is shown on the top-wads.
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Where on the box does it denote that the #2 is Paris size?

It does not say Paris size. I stated that since the company was CF (in Paris?) then I must assume it is a Paris shot size. This may be false logic but I really was pointing out the difficulty to correctly identify the shot diameter if you could not identify the country of origin.
I really want to ask about the sizes on the back of the box and if top-wads exist marked as such. I lack knowledge here and thanks for the query. Ron.


Same box as yours, no head stamp but the OSC is marked with the shot size.



but as you say, all rather confusing. On a side issue looking at the RTO a very thick walled case too.