French shotgun advertising, 1931


This is an old French advertising (1931) of of Manufacture d’Armes et Cycles de St Etienne.


The ad doesn’t look very pro gun! Can some one give us the gist of the ad?




Roughly translated, it says “Don’t buy external hammer shotguns, as they are outdated and dangerous. Buy only the new internal hammer guns made by the Manufacture etc. of St.Etienne, the best and premier gun maker in the world. Bloah-Blah-blah.”

The design of Death with a Hammer gun is just to show the backwardness of buying an old and surpassed design.

“Chien” normally means “dog” but in Guntalk, it means " external hammer" ( probably from “dog-lock” a form of flintlock mechanism of the late 16th and early 17 century.) Similar terms in italian (il cane==hammer or cock).

A Google/ Babel translation would have such things as “a gun with dogs” or a gun without dogs"…

Regards, Doc AV
AV Ballistics


Good translation !
I forgot to put it under the ad. Excuse me !
You looks to speak very well french !!