French SIB 9x19mm Shot Loads

Illustrated below are a set of rounds reportedly made by SIB (Société Industrielle de Balistique, 3 rue des Moines, F-78000 Versailles) owned by Stefan Buljovcic. The company was operating sometime in the years between 1980 and 1990. The company made a variety of penetrator cartridges, but also made some strange shot loads and ball loads with the same ogive as the shot loads.

Half of the rounds pictured have no headstamp and the others have Geco, Norma, FC and FN headstamps. Like his penetrators, he seemed to prefer unheadstmped cases, but almost anything would do.

The top row from left to right are all small shot-the second from left has a smaller shot than the two other white capsule rounds (3rd & 4th from left). These two rounds may be the same but I can’t get a clear enough image of the shot to tell if they are the same. One appears to have less shot than the other.

On the bottom row are two interesting rounds. The red capsule has two Buckshot and the orange capsule has smaller shot over a single buckshot.

I am very interested in any information on the dates when SIB was in operation and on the purpose of the rounds pictured, particularly the ball rounds with the strange ogive.


Hi Lew!
I am happy to see your post about SIB. First let me correct the exact address whixh was “rue des Moines” (i.e. Monks street), and not “Oines”, which strictly means nothing at all !

I knew quite well Stefan BULKOVCIC, a Serbian guy and a a former military shooter in the Yugoslavian shooting team at the first Olympic Games held in Korea…

We met at the Military Firing Stand, Satory, when I was shooting my Tokarev TT33 and the regulation MAC50 within Naval Reserves, back from Polynesia in 1986.

He became one of my patients when I settled a civilian practice this very year. I took care of him, and also his daughter and wife then, and… happily he took it very well (as an oral and maxillofacial surgeon, I removed all their wisdom teeth !!! excuse me for the Medical Secrecy…).

In France where he came as an immigrant in the 60ies, he married and founded a family. As he was still very much interested by weapons and shooting, he created a small family society, where he began to reload and make ammo for the Police, thanks to his connections. He was working only with his wife and son-in-law, in the basement of his house…(his wife was almost intoxicated by lead fumes there, till I told him to stop quickly making her mold projectiles in a badly ventilated local…! the story ended in hospitalk , for the poor woman , but happily, everything went OK and I got a crate of Champagne for that!))

At the time appeared the so-called ARCANE and THV super-penetrating rounds, and he decided to devise his own bullets designs, to be concurrential…but the law did change and this ammo was outlawed (same as the KTW in the US).

Anyway, he had the idea to load pistol ammunition on the line of the old .45ACP WW II Survival rounds, i.e. with diverse kinds of lead pellets…
The pellets were contained in plastic caps obtained from SPEER . As his step-brother was an engineer in the French subsidiary of the Dutch Phillips S.A., making plastic materials, it was relatively easy for him to obtain the making of such caps for his own use, which were firstly made in polyethylene, but later on in styrene, for better desintegrating ability out of the barrel.

As far as I remember, he began to load this ammunition in the beginning of the 90ies, and made them until 1995, when he decided to close the shop and move in So.Western France to start an agricultural business, plantig trees… (one of his old dreams!).

About the massive hemispherical copper bullets pictured here, they represent another trial, which also failed after the so-called Arcane Failure. Originally designed at the defunct SFM, he modified them and got them made especially in relatively small quantities.

I must say that Stefan was not very regardant about patents… and often infrnged them…being lucky to have no problems afterwards.

So my little story ends up now. I hope to have been able to herlp your curiosity!

All the best


Phil, Many thanks. I have corrected the address and have added a bit on the loads them selves in the original post.

Many thanks for the insights.

A friend sent me a drawing of the SIB perpetrator round in 45 ACP. I suspect at least some of my 9mm rounds have the same structure below the casemouth but I have never seen a 9mm bullet of this type.


Lew and Phil, excellent pictures and information, thank you very much. I can add that before SIB was established in 1981 Mr. Buljovcic worked for René Cosson, an old gun store located in Paris, where he designed a hunting bullet for shotgun shells. Also, unless there was a later change in the designation that I am not aware of, the company name was Société Internationale de Balistique S.A.



Fede, you are absolutely right about Cosson, the armory where Stefan was first working. I had forgotten this details, which figure in my files, but my answer to Lew came direct from what I remembered first hand).
Stefan told me that he had bought the ammunition stock from his former employer when the shop was closed.
He also had ideas about new kind of projectiles in military medium calber (20 and 30 mm Hispano), and said he had been in touch with the French DGA (=Délegation Générale pour l’Armement), the main French Armaments Procurement Agency, and also the Israeli…(!), but I think his proposals were not taken seriously…maybe too in advance, or, should I say, rather unrealistic

Right away, I have no more clues about Buljovcic whereabouts…unhappily.