Frontier .40 S&W


Can anyone tell me the span of years that Hornady supplied
the .40 S&W cartridge with a Frontier headstamp? The first
mention of the caliber in Hornady Catalogs is 1991, but that is under
the Hornady brand.

I am assuming they did not use the FRONTIER headstamp on this
caliber very long, since I have only one specimen in my collection, while
having a goodly number of variations with Hornady headstamps.

Any help will be appreciated.

John Moss


I can’t comment on the .40 S&W, but I thought it was interesting that Hornady 10mm never carried the FRONTIER headstamp, even though it probably came out first. The boxes that I got in the late eighties had cases headstamped HORNADY. It was the worst stuff that I ever tried to fire through my Delta Elite. I got at least one stove pipe jam per magazine. After a couple of boxes, I dropped the magazine and dumped enough unburnt powder out of it to fill the palm of my hand, probably three or four rounds worth. I had cleaned out the dealers stock, eight or ten boxes, the remains of which are still stashed out in my garage somewhere.

Curt Laws


I don’t know if this will help, but…
My 1981 Hornady & Frontier Flyer has no .40 S&W or 10mm Auto listed.
My 1990 Hornady catalog lists four 10mm Auto and no .40 S&W.
My 1991 Hornady catalog lists five 10mm Auto and three .40 S&W.
1994 is the same.
Two other Hornady foldout Flyers, (without dates that I could see), listed no .40 and three 10mm on one, and three .40’s and five 10mm on the other.



Dan - thank you. Unfortunately, the Hornady catalogs
in question don’t identify which brand those were sold
under (ie: which headstamp - Hornady or Frontier).

As mentioned in my initial question, there are many, many
variants of various features with the Hornady headstamp,
but I only have seen one with the FRONTIER headstamp.

Recent contact with the factory done by a friend of mine
yielded an employee who did not recall them ever using
the Frontier headstamp on a .40 S&W cartridge, which of course
we can prove is not correct.

Does anyone have more than one variant of .40 S&W with Frontier
headstamp in their own collection?

edited to correct typos only.

John Moss


Unfortunately don’t even have one. So should you have an extra…


Pete - wish I did have an extra for you, or anyone else
that needed it. Unfortunately, I only have my collection
specimen. The only additional information I have on it is
that it came out of a Hornady box with no mention anywhere
of “Frontier.”

John M.