FS: 20mm Sectioned Projectiles


Sectioned/Inert 20mm “Vulcan” (20x102) projectiles for sale by the set of two. TP (Target Practice) PGU 27/B and SAPHEI (Semi-Armor-Piercing Hi-Exposive Incendiary) PGU 28/B manufactured by Valentec of Galion OH. These are new projectiles, never loaded, sectioned for display and/or quality control purposes. Sectioning is less than 1/2. These are the modern/current, projectile design, sometimes known as “low drag.” Illustration shows both sides, but offer is for only TWO projectiles, one of each. Note that the SAPHEI variant has a screw-in nose-piece (empty shell, not fuze) that is included, from the same source, that fits fine in the unsectioned projectiles, but only partially fits in the sectioned versions probably due to the sectioning process. You can try to clean up the threads and install it yourself or not. $25/set +$9 insured shipping. US addresses only.