FS: Jane's Ammunition Handbooks

St. Louis hit remaining inventories hard!
Half of them are now gone.
If you’re interested, get your order in.

They say that if you can’t buy cartridges, buy books !

Several back editions of the Jane’s Ammunition Handbook annual series for sale. (Original retail was over $400, current issues $1000+. Jane’s covers .22LR to 8” artillery, grenades, mortars, fuses, etc.) Except for 1994 edition, only individual copies left in stock. First come, first served on editions. Prices include Media Mail shipping, US addresses only. Foreign postage is exorbitant, but inquire if seriously interested.

(USPS Money Order only…can’t do paypal except for foreign purchases, fees apply…no other money orders due to past counterfeiting.)

Jane’s Ammunition Handbook, 1994 Edition, Hardback, B&W 447 pages. $125.00
Jane’s Ammunition Handbook, 1994-1995, Hardback, B&W, 501 pages. $130.00
Jane’s Ammunition Handbook, 1995-1996, Hardback, B&W, 570 pages. $135.00
SOLD ! Jane’s Ammunition Handbook, 1996-1997, Hardback, B&W, 591 pages. $145.00
SOLD ! Jane’s Ammunition Handbook, 2003-2004, Hardback, B&W, (Cover in color) 736 pages. $125.00 (NOTE: ** Ex-library copy, library stamps on the inside cover.**)
SOLD ! Jane’s Ammunition Handbook, 2008-2009, Hardback, B&W, (Cover in color) 888 pages. $175.00

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